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Upcoming line up of Tuesday Group speakers:

Tuesday, June 8: Sherry Abts, the Loon Ranger

What baffling behavior have you seen? Bring your curious questions! Learn the details of the April 2021 "Loon Fall Out" icing event. And don't forget to bring an old, clean bath towel to donate to the Ely Loon Rescue project.

Sherry Abts has years of experience observing loons, reporting observations, and working with researchers to become a loon expert.


Tuesday, June 15: Becky Rom, Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters 

Becky will present updates on the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters as well as an invitation to the 2021 Garden Party. 

Becky Rom is the Chairperson of the Campaign to Save the Boundary Waters.


Tuesday, June 22: Adam Macht, Mississippi Speed Record 

In May 2021 four men attempted to set the Guinness World Record for fastest canoe trip down the Mississippi River. The paddlers were 130 miles from the finish line when bad weather escalated into a dangerous situation -- they had just enough time to grab hold of the safety boat, but their chance at breaking the record was swept down stream. 

Elyite Adam Macht was one of the paddlers along with Scott Miller, Joel Ford, and Perry Whitaker. Together they made it over 2,170 miles down the Mississippi River. 


Tuesday, June 29: Cindy Smyka, Ely Tourism Bureau 

Cindy will present Ely Tourism Bureau updates.Cindy Smyka is the Executive Director of the Ely Tourism Bureau.

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