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Fire Wood

Meet New Residents

Relocating and making a home somewhere new is exciting and challenging at the same time.
The Boundary Waters Connect Why We Live Here video series gives prospective residents

a window of insight to the day-to-day lives of people who have taken the leap,

moving to northeast Minnesota's wilderness edge communities to live, work, and play.

Meet Sven

"We wanted to raise our kids closer to nature" 

Meet Eric & Lacey

"We are immersing ourselves in meaningful experiences."

Meet Tia & Margaret

"We are all living for the same place and loving it."

Meet Megan & Jesse

"There's an eclectic mix of people here." 

Meet Kes

"Our natural resources are our passions and our careers."

Meet Dee

"The serenity of this environment is beneficial to us."

Meet Ellen 

"Daily life is walking on the trails with saunas on Sundays."

About the Why We Live Here series 

Meet the makers of the video series, Matthew & Lacey

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