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Meet Tia & Margaret: Why We Live Here Series

Over the last several weeks Boundary Waters Connect has been introducing you to people who relocated to Wilderness-edge communities of northeast Minnesota. On this, our second-to-last week, we’d like you to meet Tia & Margaret.

Margaret was drawn to northeast Minnesota because of the Wilderness, but since living here full time she’s been drawn into the community, and has met many people who share her appreciation for nature. The work she does now wasn’t a planned part of a strategic professional journey, but she was able to get a job and excel, thus discovering a career path. “There’s no other place I’d rather be,” she says. “Living up here is different than anywhere else.”

Tia revels in being able to walk out the back door, take a quick drive, and catch some fish or just paddle and watch a sunset after work. She has also met so many amazing people just like her who are making a life around the Wilderness that they love so much. “Whether they’re 72 years old or in their twenties – we’re all doing the same thing, living for the same place and loving it.”

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