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Meet Eric & Lacey: Why We Live Here Series

They say where you live can make for better living. Our team at Boundary Waters Connect knows this to be true, and we know that Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness-edge communities offer unique, natural amenities and strong communities to anyone seeking a change.

The Boundary Waters Connect team is eager to continue introducing you to people who relocated to wilderness edge communities of northeast Minnesota. You’ve met Sven and Kes. Now it is our pleasure to introduce you to Eric & Lacey.

Eric & Lacey moved to Ely after having lived in St. Paul for five years. Moving created an opportunity for them to check in with their values, reassess their priorities, and recalibrate their daily lives.

Although they spend their free time in different ways, they both benefit from living in an environment that naturally encourages them to follow through on their ambitions. Eric has capitalized on access to the Wilderness by learning wild foraging and improving his hunting and fishing skills. Lacey took advantage of access to community resources like the Ely Folk School to improve her cooking skills.

You can stay up to date on their Northwoods journey by checking out Eric’s FarWater backwoods angling adventures on YouTube, and Lacey’s amateur cooking adventures via her Ely Folk School classes.

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